Personal Training at Helix

Do you have an athletic goal, want to get fitter or are you recovering from a complaint? At Helix, you will receive personal training from experienced physical therapists. We know everything about the workings of the human body and go a lot further than just providing training. Where appropriate, lifestyle, nutrition, sleep, motivation and stress are also addressed. We constantly educate ourselves in all relevant areas. With our comprehensive approach, we take a hard look at your complete health.

To measure is to know

We work with Helix Hybrid: our comprehensive program to test and train you in seven different areas of health. Such a test gives you a good idea of how healthy your body is, how mobile you are, how strong you are, how powerful you are, and how good your fitness and endurance are. In short, a complete check up. Based on this data, we develop your training schedule and adjust it each time. This is how we ensure that you progress in all areas that are important to you.

Healthy Weight

During these personal training sessions, we look at your lifestyle and any areas for improvement. For example, are you getting enough essential nutrients to keep your body as fit as possible? We also have smart tools and knowledge when it comes to nutrition. If you want, we will support you in achieving a healthy weight.