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The Helix intake

We are happy to take the time for a non-binding intake. During this intake we will look in a very basic way at what you are looking for, what we deliver, and whether there is a good match. Both in the field of sports and health, but there must also be a click to be able to work well together. Just a scan.

During this intake we go through the entire process with you. Which program suits you, what your preferences are, how we think we can personalize this for you and how you can expect the training sessions. We would also be happy to show you the location.

This conversation lasts approximately 30 minutes. After this you have a good idea whether you want to work with us or not. If you have to think about it for a while, no problem, then we’ll call it a day.

If you are already sure that you want to get started, we will then do the physical intake.

During this intake we take various strength, condition and agility tests with you. We also measure certain things to make a good starting measurement, because to measure is to know. With our background in physiotherapy, we map out current injuries, possible points of attention in muscles, joints, coordination or health, and draw up a plan with which you can get fit safely and without complaints.

Based on your wishes and the results of the tests, we set goals for the coming period together. We also agree on the days and times when you will achieve these goals with us in the coming weeks and months. This physical intake also takes 30 minutes.

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