PT, Duo PT, SMT and Helix Hybrid

At Helix you receive training and coaching from experienced physiotherapists who specialize in sports & health coaching. Amaze yourself!

Our workouts

Personal training

Getting fitter, stronger and healthier? You do that with one-on-one personal training by our physical therapists. With full attention, we work together on your fitness and health and address aches and pains and injuries. More importantly, we prevent them by training you smartly and responsibly.

Duo training

Would you rather join us for personal training with a friend, girlfriend or partner? This is sensible and cozy. Because together you may get further. You motivate each other and celebrate each other’s successes. And, also nice: your workouts cost less.

Small group training

Prefer to train in a group? Then come to one of our Small Group Trainings. With up to six people at a time, you work on a healthy and fit body at Helix. Good to know: you can train at different levels. There is something for everyone.

Helix Hybrid

Our Helix Hybrid program gives you a complete picture of your health in seven different areas. This will keep you motivated and we will work focused and successfully toward your goals. Helix Hybrid combines various sources of fitness and vitality and is the foundation of the “health pyramid” of everyone who trains with us.