Nienke van der Holst (chiropractor)

Since October, I started working with Bart on personal training. We know each other as colleagues within exercise care and already knew well when to refer patients to each other. Now I often saw patients moving on from physical therapy to personal training. They were always so positive about this that I also wanted to start working on myself.

My Goal? Feeling fit, getting through a work day powerfully, addressing my weaker muscles and gaining more confidence. I have felt stronger in recent months. I am less tired at the end of a workday. I can also do my cycling better.

Bart always listens carefully to any ailments and adjusts the program accordingly. We have also added new goals in between, although that pull-up without a band has yet to be performed in the future 😜, but progress is evident.

I also got to experience Dion and Mervin’s methods. Nice to see that each has their own approach, but does focus on the right muscles. Secretly, I always look with my professional hat on and then I get very excited about this Team. A team of personal trainers who pay attention to your needs, think along with you in goals, adjust where needed and most of all a lot of humor, you can find that at Helix!

Thanks guys!