Duo Personal Training at Helix

Why train alone when you’d rather do it together? Discover the benefits of Duo Personal Training at Helix, where you and your friend, girlfriend or partner enjoy working on your fitness together. It’s more fun to exercise together, and it also provides a great opportunity to spend quality time with someone you may not see as often. Such a training is a good time to catch up and energetically replaces meetings that might otherwise involve drinks or dinner.

Motivation and areas for improvement

Also at Duo Personal Training, we work with Helix Hybrid, our program to test you on your whole health and train on seven areas of fitness. This helps you stay motivated and focus on areas of improvement.

More affordable

Another advantage of Duo PT? It is more economical! Many of our members begin with individual personal training to address specific challenges and then continue with Duo Personal Training to save costs while enjoying the fun of working out together.