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The smart overall program that keeps you fit and safe

Where do you stand on the seven domains of health and fitness?

Discover your strengths and where you can still grow.

Climb from Bronze to Silver to Gold to celebrate your achievements.

"A Helix Hybrid: someone who pursues all-round fitness and resilience by improving health, mobility & stability, strength, power, power endurance and fitness."

That's why it works:

"Because we are working with Helix Hybrid in all the training sessions, I am kind of competing with myself and because of that I am progressing even faster, even on the exercises that I normally find very difficult."

Everyone wants to get fit, but when are you? Are you fit if you can lift 100 kg, but are out of breath after sprinting to the bus? We believe you need a solid foundation in seven different areas of health. From strong enough to help someone move to fit enough for the sprint to the bus or that active team outing. And mobile enough to be able to take off your sweater in weird ways!

Frequently asked questions:

Helix Hybrid
Helix Hybrid is a brand new program that we use in all of our trainings. The goal is to give you a good picture of your overall health in seven different domains. That gives extra motivation to work on those parts where you can still grow. Thus, we work together in a fun and informed way to improve all aspects of health. We also like to show you that, sometimes subconsciously, you already excel in certain areas and can be proud of your accomplishments!

Why Hybrid?
Hybrid refers to the power of combining different sources for fitness and vitality. Helix Hybrid provides the foundation for our members’ “pyramid of health. We regularly test everyone on the seven domains and adjust the training program accordingly. With reaching a certain level in all domains, you climb a little higher on our Hybrid Pyramid. From Bronze to Silver to Gold!

Power of combining
For Helix Hybrid, we did extensive research and developed a series of physical tests. These give an accurate picture of where you stand in terms of your health, mobility & stability, power, strength, power endurance and fitness (short and long). All these components are closely interrelated and mutually reinforcing. Combined, hybrid thus, they ensure that you are fit and vital. Think of it as a school report: better to score (more than) satisfactory everywhere than to excel in one subject. For the Helix Hybrid norm values we use national and world averages as well as looking at gender and age. In this way you can see exactly where you excel and where there are still gains for you. Based on that, we can train you in a more targeted way to make sure you are and stay strong in every domain. In other words, that you become a true Helix Hybrid: resilient from multiple sources!

Seven domains of health
Let’s delve deeper into the areas that contribute to your well-being and personal performance:

  1. Health Domain: Helix Hybrid takes a holistic approach to wellness and resilience. From a strong foundation in health, nutrition and quality of life, you work toward a better version of yourself. Therefore, we always look first at some important general indicators that give a picture of your health. Consider blood pressure, resting heart rate, BMI, diet and fat percentage. That way you’ll know you’re training safely and discover where the biggest gains for your overall health and fitness lie.
  2. Domain Mobility & Stability: Mobility – or your range of motion, flexibility and joint health – is key to maintaining a functional and pain-free body. Stability allows for balance and good posture and thus injury prevention and self-confidence. In our program, we work on your joint range of motion, body awareness and balance so that you can perform movements more smoothly, with control and precision. And that is of great importance in your workouts as well as in your daily life.
  3. Domain Strength: Building muscle strength is all about making and keeping your body strong. We focus on increasing your muscle mass and overall strength. In fact, starting at age 30, we all lose 1 to 3% per year in strength. While you desperately need your strength for almost everything. Fortunately, you can completely stop that decline by doing strength training structurally, and as you age you can actually become much stronger than you once were.
  4. Domain Power: Power is about developing explosive strength and speed so you can perform movements faster and more powerfully. Think jumping, sprinting, throwing or lifting. It’s all about generating maximum power in the shortest possible time. You can be strong, but that is only useful if you know how to use this strength quickly, in sports or in everyday life. Power decreases by 2 to 6% per year after the age of 30. Therefore, it is important to keep moving quickly and explosively in training.
  5. Domain Strength-Eudurability: How long can you sustain strenuous exertion? Consider walking up several flights of stairs in a row or lugging a lot of weight. In our daily lives, we often encounter little of this kind of power effort anymore. And so it is precisely important to keep training that. Better strength endurance makes for a more enjoyable life, more enjoyable exercise or a short vigorous effort without being total loss.
  6. Domain Condition brief: Condition is where everything comes together. Training fitness makes you better at delivering energy to your body. It makes you convert sugar and fat to energy better, so you can move further or longer with less effort.
    At Condition Short, we look at your fitness over relatively short distances or durations of time during which you apply yourself hard. Then your body uses all the energy systems at its disposal. You have to pull out all the stops.
  1. Domain Condition Long: Your long-duration fitness is primarily determined by your cardiovascular endurance and your body’s ability to use fat and oxygen for energy. Effectively, good long-duration fitness ensures that you can do more in a day, while also leaving more gas in your tank to do things you enjoy or that are important to you. At Helix, we make sure we tackle this in a fun way in a format that works comfortably for you.

Yes, we use Helix Hybrid in Personal Training, Duo Training and Small Group Training. Both for those starting with us and those who have been training with us for years. Helix Hybrid is valuable to everyone.

Bronze, Silver, Gold!
To make this whole process even more fun, we have divided the program into Bronze, Silver and Gold in all areas. So that you can strive for a higher level each time within Helix Hybrid. With Bronze, you lay the solid foundation for your “health pyramid”: our members basically achieve this level of health in a short period of time. We retest you regularly and keep an eye on how you progress in the various domains. This is how you work toward Silver, the robust core, with more challenging workouts and improvements in your performance. With Gold, you ultimately achieve an exceptional state of health and resilience, the absolute top of your personal pyramid.

What our members say

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